About The Brand

“One of one isn’t just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just clothes with a logo on it, it’s an experience all in itself. The name, one of one makes it more than just about stitching on a hoodie or shirt. Never been worn before, never been seen before all described to being oneofone. A lot of the pieces that I will make further down the line will be uniquely made for that one time only. The whole idea behind it, is that you’ll never be able to see multiple people in this brand. Of course there’s expectancy to expand more, but all it’s about is being rare. One thing I’ve always admired is creativity, those that have their uniqueness and don’t follow along with what everybody else is doing. The idea is to have fire exclusive wear. When you wear oneofone, you should always feel like it is apart of your identity. You are oneofone. We are all oneofone.”